Securing the right Tenants

Successful property investment is all about securing tenants prepared to pay market rentals over long term leases – our job is to secure those tenants for you.

Optimal leasing solutions

      We can advise on market conditions such as:

  • Supply/demand
  • Competing developments
  • Rental levels
  • Market trends

Leasing commercial property space is not just about getting the best possible return on investment for the landlord. It’s also about finding the best solution.

Some Landlords may be seeking a high quality anchor tenant, others will be driven by securing a long term lease. Some are concerned with finding a tenant that is compatible with the existing tenant profile.

Our team of professionals will listen carefully to your needs to come up with a tailored solution that fits your situation while maximising your return.

We work for you – the landlord

Hibernian Auctioneers maintains a clear policy of working on behalf of the fee paying party – the landlord.

Our agents are able to guide you through what can be a highly competitive negotiation process with prospective tenants, ensuring you obtain a beneficial result.

Do your homework

Smart landlords will consider the following questions:

  • What are the prime motivators driving the tenant – cost, location, quality, inducements?
  • How critical is the timeframe?
  • Are they ready to make a decision or is this the early stage of the process.

Free Valuation

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